“Accommodating to the Nth degree in one’s own specific situation, Lisa Levinson proves that the Alexander Technique should be as universally important as bathing, as popular in educational institutions as reciting the pledge of allegiance, and, like both the pledge and a shower, be practiced every day.  Genius cannot be created, but the space for genius can be made.  The Alexander Technique makes boundless space for fertile, creative journeying and Lisa is one of the most flexible and healing practitioners I have worked with in this field.”
Sam Trussel, actor


“With Lisa’s help I am learning to alleviate not only physical pain and stress on my body, but also the mental stresses of everyday life.  Studying the Alexander Technique has given me a completely new perspective on body movement and awareness.  As a professional musician this is invaluable to me.  Not only has it (AT) helped to alleviate the physical stresses of playing my instrument, but it has also taught me to be more in tune with my body and mind, allowing me to function better both on and off stage!”
Kristen Linfante, professional violist
Principal viola, Apollo’s Fire Baroque Orchestra


“Each session with Lisa has been truly eye-opening. With her help, I have an increased awareness of my own physical tendencies, and a new understanding of how I can move more efficiently and comfortably. It has been a huge help in my work as a professional musician, and in daily life. I am excited about continuing my study of Alexander Technique with her!”
Craig Knox
Principal tuba, Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra


“I was lucky enough to have Lisa as a teacher during my last year at CMU.  She has an amazing energy as a teacher: open, gentle, and generous.  She was incredibly attuned to us as a class, and always found ways to apply the Alexander work to each of our individual needs.  Over the course of the semester, Lisa’s class helped me to discover an ease and delicacy to my work that I had never reached before.  I found myself settling into myself, body, voice, and mind, and it has had a tremendous impact on my acting, and really my life as a whole. Lisa is kind, funny, and an expert in her craft.  Her work is invaluable to all professionals, both in our work, and in our daily lives.  I would encourage anyone and everyone to give it a try!”
K C Wright, actor


“My history of back injuries goes back thirty years.  After my latest injury, a dear friend and doctor urged me to find an  Alexander Technique teacher.   Lisa was of inestimable value in facilitating the healing of that injury.

I am no scholar of the Alexander Technique.  I do know, however, that it does instill and restore an attentiveness, a more tuned awareness of the body’s wisdom, and how unlearning taken-for-granted habits of living pays off.  It is quite nuanced and unostentatious, this Alexander Technique, and quite effective.

Lisa seems to embody the spirit and perspective of the Alexander Technique.  She carries her expertise lightly, with wisdom.  And it makes sense that a surgeon-scholar and practitioner of conventional clinical medicine would insist that I turn to this technique for my back health.”
Thomas Sheridan, clinical psychologist


“I credit my newly acquired agility to the Alexander Technique,  and Lisa’s wide range of teaching skills.  Prior to taking lessons, I was prone to losing my balance and falling when on uncertain terrain.  I’ve not fallen now in the past three years!”
Virginia P., retired nurse