Alexander Technique in Pittsburgh with Lisa LevinsonWhat is a lesson like?
Dressed in comfortable clothing, the student explores simple everyday movements such as sitting, standing, and walking.  With verbal and hands-on guidance from the teacher, the student learns to observe and change habits that interfere with optimum functioning.  Becoming aware of and changing these habits builds a foundation for tackling more specialized activities and learning to perform them from a place of balance and support rather than from one of tension and effort.

How long does a lesson last?
A lesson is usually 45 minutes long.  The initial visit may last a bit longer, so that the teacher has time to hear the student’s concerns and to answer any questions.

How many lessons will I need?
How many lessons does it take to play a musical instrument, to learn to sing or dance, or to learn a martial art?  Would you like to learn to play a simple tune, learn a few basic ballet steps, or are you looking for a new ongoing experience that will add a dimension to your entire life in ways that you cannot predict?  Both options and everything in between are possible in studying the Alexander Technique.

As with learning most arts, the Alexander Technique is an ongoing investigation into becoming self-aware, and offers the knowledge to enjoy subtle improvements in the way one goes about doing all that he or she does.  The number of lessons is something that each student should discuss with the teacher, and will depend on the student’s long or short term goals.

Are lessons taught privately or in groups?
The Alexander Technique is primarily taught in weekly private lessons.  This is because each person presents his or her own unique set of physical patterns and thought processes.  On the other hand, group classes, while not always conducive to addressing an individual’s particular needs, provide a larger forum for shared experience, discussion, and reflection.

How is the Alexander Technique different from other approaches?
The Alexander Technique is not a treatment such as massage or chiropractic.  It promotes self-care, the ability to balance your own structure, soothe your own nervous system, and release your own muscles.

The Alexander Technique is not a set of exercises, like yoga, t’ai chi, or Pilates.  It teaches you to be more aware of how you move and to better coordinate your body in activity, thereby helping you to do specific exercises with less strain and more comfort.